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Save America – Dump Boehner TODAY

Yesterday we slammed the Capitol switchboard! Do it again today.

CALL (202) 224-3121 RIGHT NOW!

Here’s the linkto find your representative.

Tell them – Elect Louie Gohmert of Texas,
but Anybody But Boehner!!!

CALL (202) 224-3121 DO IT NOW!!

Tea party warns House GOP on Boehner via @worldnetdaily

There’s nothing to fear..

but they should fear LOSING THEIR JOBS if they thumb their noses at we the people!!

Dumbed down America comes of age

For decades we’ve talked about the dumbing down of America in the classrooms. For public schools in particular but also spilling over into private schools, our children have just not been taught how to think.

In fact they’ve been taught anything but logical thought. We pulled my son from a really good public school when in the first grade they allowed him to write, but absolutely refused to teach him to spell. That was to come later in the third grade they said.

However they did teach him something else. They told him all about… fairies! And after the session – which was coordinated over many different classes and age groups – there was a school party where all got a chance to dance to fairy tunes.  You should have seen the principal – she’s really quite a dancer.

Oh, and the children are taught several other things in the public schools.  Such as bowing to the teachers union and away from truth, traditional morals and rushing headlong far left of center in politics.  Check the topics of the NEA’s conventions and you’ll see it clearly.  Oh, away from truth?  What’s “blackboard flu” if it isn’t both political AND blatantly untrue? The end justifies the means. Its okay to lie about illness if it’s for the right cause.

Oh yes, bus trips to DC as Obama’s props to promote “healthy eating”.    One problem – they have to like it enough to eat it to get the nutrition.

So, what was maybe the strongest lesson for the dumbed down children?  Don’t judge.  Just get along.  No need to keep score.  We’re all winners!

But in the process much more harm is done than just poor education. Our children have been taught to believe lies. Telling them is one thing.  Believing them is worse.

So now they don’t even know how to stand up and say, from a moral perspective, “This is wrong!”

We really are witnessing the disintegration of morality in the United States. Since Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky, redefined sex, even questioned the meaning of the word “is”, our nation’s morality has steadily declined.

To the point now, that we have a president who is redefining the word “lawless”.  We knew he could change his mind at the drop of a hat on issues large or small.   Now, he even breaks laws that a short while ago he unequivocally said he shouldn’t… or at least couldn’t.  He said it 25 times. It was illegal, unconstitutional, or my favorite – he’s not an emperor.

So are we to judge him? Oh no we can’t do that.  Speak out against him, and you’re a racist! Discriminate against illegal aliens?  That’s racist, too.

So now I have something to ask you.  We need to resist the urge to call him names like Emperor. We need to be sure that we don’t call it Obamacare anymore. Because when we do the dumb down masses get the wrong idea.

They think he wrote the bill – that it’s actually him who legislated it. Sound preposterous?  A recent survey found that xx% of “man on the street” interviewees believe he ____________________________.

They will think he really is our King and pretty soon our democracy – our Republic – will be gone.

Dismantling America 1 – Presidents and the Nuclear Arms Race

Past Problematic Presidents

President John F Kennedy had at least one famous affair, and probably others.  We didn’t really know this until years later.  But most agree he was a pretty good president, lowering taxes and inspiring us all to give to our country.

President Richard Nixon conspired to cover up the Watergate Hotel break-in.  He resigned in disgrace.  Yet he got us out of Vietnam with little subsequent loss of life.

In 1998, Bill (not my president) Clinton lied under oath, not only in the Paula Jones deposition, but then very publicly to the American people.

That was after he used the “bully cockpit” to redefine sex and make casual oral sex more acceptable, notably conferring to all, including teens and preteens “presidential pardon” of the same.  Astonishingly, this was in the same speech where he talked about children getting in trouble mostly between 3 & 7 p.m. Doing what, Mr. Clinton?

He was officially held in contempt then, and should still be by all moral people.  But Clinton did some good things, perhaps most notably Welfare Reform, requiring work from those who were able.

But Barack (not my president either) Obama is apparently not particularly licentious (though perhaps addicted to golf).  Yet, he is clearly a xenophobic liar, lowering the oceans and brazenly using his pen and his phone.  Infinitely more dangerous than any president before him, he – and all who stand with him – are a juggernaut that is systematically, powerfully and (God forbid) quite permanently dismantling the very fabric of America.  And leaving us wide open to some kind of foreign takeover.

Many say this foreign takeover is well underway, nearing full bloom.  From the apology tour, where Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, to the latest unilateral agreement with China, where he committed to our restricting emissions, but China just has to try.

Worldwide Instability

Abandoning Israel

We’ve seen how Obama is more prone to disrespect Israel than protect them.  He’s not even looking after our interests, as Israel is by far our strongest ally in the entire region, if not the world.

Russian Resurgence

Then we have the START3 Treaty, which Obama signed in 2010 .  According to Pravda, “… the Americans, for the first time in history, undertook to reduce their strategic nuclear potential, while Russia won an opportunity to increase it.  …the new treaty removed important limitations that existed in the previous START1 and START2 treaties. ” and “Russia did not make any concessions.”

In the same article, Pravda says Russia is now able to “prepare a nuclear surprise for NATO” (that’s Europe and us).

Russian Resurgence Part 2

Then in 2012, he made his famous “more flexible” message to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.  The subject of the summit?  Global nuclear security.

Thus, before our very eyes, the recurring nightmare of nuclear devastation morphs into a 3-headed monster, with N Korea and soon Iran, also thanks to Obama!


How to Stay On Point recommends


1.  Blog all the current topics critical to our nation’s survival and of interest to Constitutional Conservatives.

2.  Choose and elevate the “best” 3 positions on those topics, by voting and then Leadership Team moderation.

3.  Convert those positions to sound bites to broadcast far and wide.

Several topics will be opened this Friday morning 11/14/2014.

See you Friday…    😀

Stay on point to take back America!

Launching Election Day 2014  



#GetOutTheVote week is NOW

Points to make with friends:

  1.  Half of evangelicals didn’t vote in the 2012 election.  Really.
  2.  All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
  3.  What will I say to my family when it all caves in and I haven’t done enough?
  • Which one is working for you?
  • Other ideas?

Stay on Point !

Rush on March 26th, 2014,  to Democrats who say they “want to fix” the ACA (Affordable Care Act) otherwise known as Obamacare:

“We wouldn’t be here, if you didn’t vote for it!  Of course, you voted for it!”

…or better yet:

“How do you know what you voted for?  You didn’t read it!!”